About the movie
Les Coasters
Les Coasters
Tortuga Films, 2018
90 min / 60 min
French, english, innu

“Coasters” is a feature-length documentary that explores the depths of the Lower North Shore, an isolated region in eastern Quebec, where three communities coexist: Innu, Francophone and Anglophone.

We will discover through a mosaic of characters with diverse realities, that the people of Lower North Shore have much in common, despite their cultural divide and language barrier. They are particularly keen on striving to ensure the sustainability of their community, and to ensure that their way of life is maintained and past on, even in the face of increase migration.

“Coasters” is a journey back in time, a return to a way of life marked by an extraordinary simplicity and community spirit, forced by the isolation of the land. Through a full cycle of seasons, the documentary portrays an unfamiliar reality that may unfortunately be doomed to disappear.

Broadcaster: Unis TV-TV5 (French Canada)

DIRECTOR - Having completed a master’s degree in International Relations, Nicolas-Alexandre Tremblay then pursued a documentary filmmaking course at INIS.Read More
DIRECTOR - After completing a QCD in media arts at John Abbott College, Stephane Trottier will pursue his studies in film at the School of Cinema and Television of Quebec in the director’s program.Read More
PRODUCEUR - With twenty years of experience in the world of television and film production, Adam Pajot Gendron has worked on hundreds of productions for television, theatrical releases and for the film festival circuit.Read More
COMPOSER - Robert Marcel Lepage is a Canadian musician and film score composer. Born in Montreal, Lepage trained in music at the age of 20, and learned to play the clarinet and saxophone.Read More
SOUND DESIGNER - Olivier Calvert is a fiction, animation and documentary film sound designer. Rewarded at home and abroad, his sound work has been described as subtle and evocative, as much as engaging and inventive.Read More
DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY - Mathieu Landry has been gaining experience in the film production industry for the past 15 years.Read More
Festival screening: Bayou Film Festival
Festival screening: International Festival of Winter Cinema